Notes on entries

Access to entries via the main menu bar

  • clicking on Eymard writings takes you to lists of translations of Eymard’s writings, and in some cases to the full text of the writings;
  • clicking on Eymard writings – Excerpts takes you to a list of excerpts and, in some cases, to the full text of an excerpt; and
  • clicking on Works about Eymard takes you to a range of books, articles and internet sites which comment on the Saint or on the congregations and associations he founded.

Content of entries

Bibliographical entries are English language translations of texts attributed to Eymard himself. Others are English language works about him or English language translations of works about him.

Entries include monographs, articles from journals and encyclopedias, theses, book reviews and poems, in print and electronic formats.

Features of entries

All editions/reprints of a title that could be identified have been listed. Additional information is often included with an entry to provide historical context and information not evident from the title. Hence entries include the following information where appropriate:

  • Edition, the earliest known edition/reprint of a work (in English).
  • Notes, often including clarification details, a description of content, or information about the work not evident from its title.
  • Other editions, including the imprint (place, publisher, date) of subsequent editions/reprints.
  • Electronic sources, including internet addresses if the work is available in an electronic format.
  • Related publications, including works that are relevant to the main cited title.
  • See references which direct the reader to the preferred entry which often includes more detailed information.
  • See also references which direct the reader to other additional titles the relevance of which might not be evident from the original title.

Facsimile images of text

The first pages of some articles appear in facsimile form as images. Click on the image to read the text.

Blessed Sacrament Congregation journals

Some journals of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation have identical names to others. To avoid confusion these journals are differentiated in this work by place of publication:

  • The Sentinel of the Blessed Sacrament (NY) was published in New York.
  • The Sentinel of the Blessed Sacrament (Montreal) was published in Montreal.
  • The Monstrance (Melb.) was published in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The Monstrance (NY) was published in New York.

European Site of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation  (

Some articles from the European Site of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation do not always have specific internet addresses. Documents can be located within the site by following the pathway specified in the citation, for example: Main Menu/Documents/Eymard’s Writings.

Site of the General Curia of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

Some documents from the General Curia site require a password to access the document (Reserved Area section). In this work these documents are annotated, Password Required.


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