Searching for: Subjects/names, footnotes and full text

Searching for subjects and names

To retrieve a specific word (e.g. a subject or a name) from a page, use the Find function on your computer’s keyboard. For example, Ctrl + F  or  Apple Command + F.
If you wish to search for a name that includes an accent, you must include the accent in your search.

Using footnotes

In the essay, The Eymard legacy and its transmission: An essay, click on a footnote number to read the footnote. To return to your place in the text, click the number at the beginning of the footnote.

Using full text

Internet addresses:
The Internet Archive provides the full text of some Eymard literature, while Googlebooks provides access to excerpts and some full text items. Internet addresses for the full text of items from these providers are included under the entry’s sub-heading, Electronic source.

  •  The first Internet address cited under Electronic source takes you to the provider’s page (which includes choices of format for reading the item).
  • The second Internet address cited under Electronic source takes you to the “read online” format. The text is presented in book format. Turn the “pages” of the “book” with the arrow located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Facsimile images:
The first pages of some articles appear in facsimile form as images. Click on the image to read the text.

PDF files:
Where pdf files are included with an entry, the size of the file is stated to give an indication of the download time.