Eymard.org: Bibliographical headings

An English translation of the headings of the bibliographical section of Pierre-Julien Eymard Oeuvres Complètes. (Source: Google translation service).
Pierre-Julien Eymard Oeuvres Complètes is located at http://www.eymard.org

  1. Introduction General Peter Julian Eymard (1811 – 1868)
  2. Biographical Peter Julian Eymard (1811 – 1868)
  3. Sources – The state archives
  4. The publication of the messages eymardiens
  5. A typical edition based electronic
  6. The criteria for publishing
  7. Criteria for interpretation – Types
  8. The major themes of the thought of Father Eymard
  9. Selected Bibliography
  10. The index of the website